Snappy Body Suit Blue 1.5 – 2.8kg


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A Tiny Baby needs simple, soft,  practical garments and this one ticks all the boxes.

Once your premature baby is moved from the incubator and into the nursery you will be able to dress your Tiny Baby, if you couldn’t before. The garments need to be practical and made from soft fabrics, preferably cotton.  Baby may still be quite weak so the less you stress your tiny baby the better, this means you need clothes that are easy to dress baby in.

This little bodysuit is both thoughtfully designed and looks gorgeous so is a great choice as a first outfit.  With this bodysuit there will be no need to completely undress your baby for nappy changes or medical staff checks.  This suit is designed so you can just undo the part you need to access your little baby or you can open the whole garment out flat if need be.

As with all “Preemie -Yums” garments it is made from soft cotton a finished beautifully.

Also available in Pink & White.

100% cotton