Pups NICU Wrap Vest & Hat 1.5 – 2.8kg


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Premature Babies, NICU Wrap Vest are designed specifically for premature babies that need extra medical care after birth. The NICU Vest opens completely flat to allow for drips, monitors and easy access to your precious baby for all medical staff in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Being able to open the front flaps one at a time  allows medical staff to access your baby and attend to their needs without undressing them more than is needed.  Premature babies need their rest so being able to disturb them as little as possible is of great benefit.

Premature babies need to be kept warm and resting so all their energy can go into growing. Babies loose a lot of heat from their heads so the hats help to alleviate loss of heat.  The design of the NICU Wrap Vest allows families to dress their new baby without the clothing interfering with their care.

The shirt is fastened with soft velcro closures. The little Knot Hat is made from the same soft cotton fabric to make a matching set. These Vests are a practical garment that is both cute & practical for your precious premmie baby.

100% cotton