A Premmie Clothing Business Born when Our Grandbaby Was Early

The idea of a Premmie clothing business came about when our family was personally put in the position of needing to purchase ‘Premature Babies Clothes’.

Authors Note: My granddaughter Eliza (pictured) was born 8 weeks early and weighed 2068grams.  It was impossible to get clothes that fit properly so I made her clothes for the first few months.

Spending time in the NICU with Eliza, I soon realised that she was by no means a small Premmie, in fact she looked huge next to some of the tiny babies in her ward.  It was the time spent at the hospital, living through the experience and the information passed onto my daughter and myself, by others, that made me aware of just how hard it was to purchase Premmie Babies clothes in Australia.

Inspired by real needs of real parents of premature babies

I decided then that one day I would do what I could to make Premmie clothing easier to obtain, and with a greater range of garments, than was currently available.   I am now making that decision a reality and will do all that I can to look after the clothing needs of Premature Babies, low birth weight Newborns and Babies that need to spend time in the NICU.

NASHI BABY I hope gives families a much greater choice of clothing in true Premmie sizes.  I plan to grow the range of garments and welcome any feedback from you my customers

Neri Withers